Hi John, How are you? I just saw you on fatherheart tv and heard that you have been travelling in Central and South America.....

I wanted to make a comment on what I just heard you share about God not counting our sin against us....it was a very anointed message.....thanks.

thank you to John for a wonderful mesage on the website.It became an revelaision that hit my heart wery deep.

 With this revelation I sense Father GOD has given me a fuzzy pink HOPE chest full of healthy truths for my new heart in Sonship. Now I can sit on Father's Lap, in full trust, as HE holds me securely, tenderly, compassionately, gently explaining what HE will remove (unholiness) and what HE will restore (holiness). I can look forward without fear, without suspicion, without doubt, 


You spoke about the Orphan spirit on Wednesday.  I was really miserable when I came to the Father Heart evening.  But felt most of the evening as if I was just standing in a shower of God’s love.  The next morning I realised that what I was feeling was “it is all down to me”  “Unless I do it, no one else will” or some such, but as the thoughts went through my head, I noted their likeness to similar expressions you had used to describe the orphan spirit the evening before.  So I changed my tune – “ok, I’m going to take this forward.  It is not all up to me, you are my father, I am slipping my hand into yours and I am going to watch to see how you sort this out – I am not alone, I know what I would do to help a child of mine and you are the ‘so much more’ Father.”  I made a decision not to worry and fret and focused on my Father and his fatherliness.  

Over and over again we find that Christians can be part of the church for years and still struggle with their identity as children of God. This can often lead to insecurity, relational issues and struggling with the idea that the Lord has a plan and purpose for their life. This is a ministry with a proven track record of establishing Christians in their identity as sons and daughters of Father God. Through practical teaching and ministry they have helped many people within the church here into freedom in this area.

Alan McWilliam, Church Leader, 

Whiteinch Church of Scotland, Glasgow

Chairman, CLAN (New Wine Scotland)

"A number of people from Glasgow Elim have attended events. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. People have discovered new dimensions of God's fatherly love for them and the impact has been both healing and empowering."

James Glass, Senior Pastor 

Glasgow Elim Church